👋 Hello you, stranded G Suite user!

G Suite legacy free edition alternative

Google just announced that they will discontinue the legacy free edition and force users to move to Google Workspace on May 1st, 2022. With ImprovMX, it is still possible to use Google services for free with a custom domain. There are some caveats, since you will need to setup individual Google accounts that won’t be tied to your organization, but… it works!

Any questions? We know that stuff can be hard. We offer free support – reach out!

  1. Create free Google accounts
    for each of your users

    To keep using G Suite for free, you’ll have to create free Google accounts for each of the users that you had under your G Suite free legacy edition account.

    Be careful, this means that you won’t be able to transfer all the history you had with your current G Suite account, including any subscriptions you might have subscribed to, calendar invites or Google Play purchases.

    Create free Google accounts
  2. G Suite free legacy edition alternative

    Create a free ImprovMX account

    Use the form on our homepage to create your account. Add the domain name you used on G Suite, and a primary redirection email we’ll use to manage your account. Don’t worry, you can create more aliases later.

    Wondering how we can offer that for free? We’re charging for premium features like custom SMTP, Webhooks, or increased forwarding limits. We’re not selling any data, and all emails are instantly deleted after being forwarded – Read more about our email workflow

    Create a free ImprovMX account
  3. Connect to your
    domain registrar interface

    MX records are set at your DNS provider which is usually the same as the domain registrar you’ve used to purchase your domain. We have more detailed documentation on how to set that up for the most popular registrars.

  4. Delete previous G Suite “MX” entries

    Delete all the previous “MX” entries you had registered for your DNS Zone in order to use G Suite legacy free edition. They should look like aspmx.l.google.com.

  5. Add those MX entries

    Host Value Priority
    @ mx1.improvmx.com 10
    @ mx2.improvmx.com 20
  6. Add this TXT entry for SPF support

    Type Host Value
    TXT @ v=spf1 include:spf.improvmx.com ~all
  7. Make sure you have 2FA enabled

    For this method to work, you need to have two factor authentification enabled for each of the Google accounts you set up. If it’s not, follow the link below and set it up.

    Enable 2FA for your Google account
  8. Create an App Password

    Google will verify your ownership with this app password. Select “Mail” under app, and “Mac” under device. Hit “Generate”. Copy and keep for later!

    Create an app password
  9. Add your email to Gmail

    Go to Gmail -> Settings -> Accounts and Import. Then, select “Add another email address you own” under Aliases.

  10. Fill in your sender’s information

    Set your forwarded email (your alias) and your sender’s name. Untick “treat as an alias”.

  11. Fill in your email informations

    SMTP is smtp.gmail.com, port is right already.
    Username is your gmail address (incl. @gmail.com)
    Password is the password you generated on Step 2.
    Leave TLS enabled as is

  12. Confirm ownership

    You will receive an email from GMail asking you to confirm ownership with a code. Fill in the code in the popup modal, and you are all set!

  13. Send emails from your alias

    Now you can just select your alias in the list when you compose a new message, and you are (almost) able to replicate what you had with G Suite, at least when it came to using a custom domain!

Just the right amount of features.
No less, no more.

Redirect to multiple addresses
Redirect to any number of email address you want, from the same alias. You can also send to “null”, or even to a webhook!

Catch-all addresses
Set-up a “catch-all” email alias, which will redirect anything sent to your domain, so you are sure you don’t miss anything.

Email logs
An email doesn’t arrive? Something looks wrong? We’ve built up a full comprehensive logging system that helps you troubleshoot what’s going on. See what we log.

Bulk import domains via CSV
Have many emails/domains you would like to create at once? Use our CSV import to generate them all at once.

API Access
Programatically interact with ImprovMX. Create domains, set and delete aliases, without ever needing to log-in on the web interface.

“Send mail as” with Gmail
Our solution allows you to send mail using Gmail as an SMTP relay. You can then send emails with your ImprovMX aliases! Follow our guide to set this up.

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