Why are you not open-source?

At ImprovMX, we made the decision to keep the code internally because of various reasons. This page is an attempt to explain why.

  1. Being open-source does not mean respecting your privacy.
    A provider can easily add data grabber on their server, independently of the published code, that will then be sold against your will.

  2. Our code can not easily be copied and run elsewhere.
    We built a complex system containing various independent yet connected parts that are tightly configured to how our server architecture is built. Releasing this code to the public as-is would serve no purpose other than showing the internals of how ImprovMX works, which we clarified on this page.

  3. We prefer to focus on improving the service first.
    Based on the point 2, we could focus on making the code generally available and easy to set-up, but we since we are a small SaaS, we need to focus our resource on improving the service, its quality, and its features first.

  4. What about the future?
    Even though ImprovMX is not open-source yet does not mean it will never be. We are frequently discussing internally ways to contribute to the community and we are not against the idea of releasing the code base of ImprovMX publicly in the future.