Are you reading my emails?

TLDR: No, we are not.

As an email forwarding service, we are receiving massive amounts of emails that we forward to your personal inbox.

One can easily assume that we peek inside these emails in order to extract information to be sold or even share the whole emails.

We do not do that.

One argument toward this assumption would be to exchange information with money in order to run the service, but we offer paid features that many customers already pay us, which allows us to sustain the service in a respectful manner.

What about storing the emails?

All the emails we receive are stored until they are successfully forwarded, and then deleted right after.

In the event, we can’t successfully forward an email, or when we can’t accept it because of a temporary issue, we store them only if you have opted-in in your account via the privacy level. By default, the option is disabled.

In that case, the email will be stored for seven days (as long as our logs) then automatically deleted. This is only to allow you to access any email that should have arrived in your inbox but failed to do so.

If you want to read more about how we process incoming emails, you can read the complete explanation here.

You can read more about what we log here.