Transparency Report

Updated April 7th, 2021.

From time to time, ImprovMX may receive requests for assistance from law enforcement authorities. As a strict general rule, ImprovMX only complies with legally binding orders.

Upon receiving a judicial order, ImprovMX is obliged to provide any user information readily available that would help identify a user that is subject to a criminal investigation. In addition to the items listed in our privacy policy, in extreme criminal cases, ImprovMX may also be obligated to monitor the IP addresses which are being used to access the ImprovMX accounts which are engaged in criminal activities.

In the event that we have questions about the legality of an order, ImprovMX will always request further clarification from French authorities. If doubts persist and the order appears not to be compliant with legal requirements, ImprovMX will contest it to the extent permitted by law.

ImprovMX may also sometimes act upon other types of requests. If presented with overwhelming evidence that the account in question is being used for illegal purposes against our Terms and Conditions, the offending account will be suspended immediately. Legality is assessed on French law, and illegal purposes include activities such as phishing, ransomware, or identity theft. No data is handed to third parties during this process unless a qualifying data order is also received.

Legal requests transparency

This is a list of request we received and their state.