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Why ImprovMX Enterprise
is your best choice

11 years of laser-focused experience

Since 2013, we’ve been making email forwarding and SMTP a breeze for over 200,000 users globally, including some of the world’s leading companies. You can bet we’re in this for the long haul.

A strong focus on security and compliance

We’re super serious about your data. With our ironclad infrastructure and two-factor authentication, we’ve got your security covered. We are fully GDPR compliant and we do not sell data

Scalability you can count on

Our cutting-edge auto-scaling architecture seamlessly scales to accommodate your demand, no matter how large. Experience uninterrupted service with our 99.99% uptime guarantee. Your business deserves an email service that performs consistently.

Unbeatable deliverability

Email bouncing back due to IP reputation? Not on our watch. We’ll resend it using a different IP, making sure your emails reach their destination.

On average, we forward an email in under 5 seconds and are responsible for just 1 of those. The remaining time? That’s the email provider processing the email. We don’t just claim it; we actually have live metrics to prove it.

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Next level features
for Enterprise customers

Priority delivery
As an Enterprise customer, your emails always take precedence. Our priority delivery system ensures faster processing and delivery. 

White-label DNS records
Need white-label DNS records? No problem. Our enterprise solution lets you personalise your MX, SPF and DKIM records with your own domain name.

Extensive API
Integrate seamlessly with our reliable and comprehensive API. Take control and enhance your enterprise workflows.

Advanced features
Enhance your email delivery control and responses with our robust RegEx support and seamless Webhook integration.

Priority support
No bots here. Get direct access to our responsive support team via chat and email, anytime you need.

Dedicated account manager
Your very own account manager, able to assist you throughout the entire implementation process and readily available for direct communication.

A super simple interface to
manage aliases and domains in bulk

Manage your aliases from our beautiful interface. Bulk import domains, check domain status and manage your subscriptions all in one place.

ImprovMX free email forwarding interface

Purpose-built for versatility

ImprovMX Enterprise has been purpose-built for versatility, effortlessly accommodating an array of use cases. Let’s take a closer look at the real-world applications.

Domain registrars

Incorporate ImprovMX into your domain registration service. Offer your clients the convenience of email forwarding when they register a domain. Seamless service, enhanced client experience!

Digital mailbox providers

Stand out as a digital or virtual mailbox service provider by integrating ImprovMX into your suite of services. Offer email alias capabilities to your users, enabling them to forward mails to their preferred accounts. Simplicity, convenience, added value!

Hosting providers

If you’re a hosting provider, bring ImprovMX on board to deliver yet another essential service to your clients. Empower them with email forwarding, saving them from managing another inbox. Offer SMTP service for their transactional emails or for sending emails from their own domain.

Contact form creators

Designing contact forms? Embed ImprovMX SMTP into your setup process. Make email delivery reliable and set-up a breeze for your users. Transform your typical WordPress contact form plugin into a dependable communication channel.

Large corporations

For corporations dealing with sizable communication needs, ImprovMX Enterprise can be a game changer. Set up email aliases for various departments and streamline your communication effectively. Never lose sight of important emails again.

SaaS Providers

As a SaaS provider, enhance your offerings by integrating ImprovMX. Provide dependable transactional email delivery that scales alongside your growth.

These are just a few of the ways ImprovMX Enterprise can tailor its services to meet your needs. If your particular scenario isn’t listed, rest assured we’re more than capable. Designed for ultimate scalability, ImprovMX Enterprise accommodates millions, always ready to deliver a bespoke solution for your business.

"If you're looking for simple email forwarding, ImprovMX is the place to go. Simple, to the point, and does what it promises. I run all my 17 products with them."