ImprovMX vs Cloudflare Email Routing

We've compared our service with Cloudflare Email Routing, another player in the arena. While both of us offer free plans, our history, features and unparalleled customer support make the choice clear.

Email forwarding is our core.
We’ve done this for 10+ years.

ImprovMX stepped into the email forwarding space in 2013. Over a decade later, we’re proud to have over 100,000 users, including some of the world’s foremost enterprises.

While Cloudflare Email Routing only graduated from Beta at the end of 2022, our expertise and proven track record speak volumes about our reliability and commitment to excellence.

Focused expertise vs divided attention

Cloudflare provides a wide array of services, with email routing being a mere fragment of their vast product portfolio.

In contrast, at ImprovMX, we are dedicated exclusively to email forwarding – we live it, we refine it, and we perfect it. It’s not an afterthought or a gimmick for us; it’s our specialty.

When you choose ImprovMX, you’re not just getting a service. You’re gaining a partner as committed to your email needs as you are.

Four reasons customers choose ImprovMX
over Cloudflare Email routing

Plug and play
With ImprovMX, you bypass the need for manual recipient verification, a hiccup you may encounter with Cloudflare Email Routing.

No DNS limitations
Flexibility is our promise, and we deliver. With ImprovMX, your domain isn’t tied down to any specific DNS provider, an issue you might face with Cloudflare Email Routing.

Resilient email delivery
Every email you send is important. We dispatch your emails using different IPs, and even if an IP reputation issue arises, we don’t stop and retry up to 5 times.

Advanced email forwarding
With ImprovMX, the advanced becomes accessible. Our email forwarding is packed with features such as RegEx, plus sign subaddressing, subdomain support, variable logging levels and the ability to forward to multiple recipients. With ImprovMX premium, you can even redirect emails to HTTP endpoints (Webhooks). You’ll miss these if you opt for Cloudflare Email Routing.

A super simple interface to
manage aliases and domains

Manage your aliases from our beautiful interface. Bulk import domains, check domain status and manage your subscriptions all in one place.

ImprovMX free email forwarding interface

Independent, secure, and reliable

At ImprovMX, your privacy is our priority. We offer variable logging levels to give you control over your data. The Intermediate level offers additional details like Subject, Sender and Recipient, while the Highest level lets you download a copy of a failed email for up to 7 days.

GDPR compliant 🇪🇺
We adhere to robust data protection standards, including full GDPR compliance. Unlike some of our competitors who may not meet all GDPR compliance aspects, your data is in safe hands with us. We don’t engage in selling your data, because your trust is our real profit.

Independent and User-Centric
At ImprovMX, we’re driven by our users, not investors or VCs. We have the freedom to innovate, rapidly implement new features, and respond to your needs without external pressures.

Send from your aliases with custom SMTP

ImprovMX’s premium features take you beyond the ordinary.

Our paid options offer SMTP for sending emails from your domain and Webhook support to help you manage your emails like a pro.

Unmatched customer support

Our support doesn’t stop at our features. Our dedicated team is always ready to help you, whether you’re a free user or a premium one.

Get quick, friendly and effective email support anytime. And if you’re a paid user, enjoy priority support via chat and email.

Unlike Cloudflare Email Routing, where direct support is absent, we’re always here for you.

Avi Flombaum
Avi Flombaum avi.nyc

Just want to give a shoutout to a product I love using @ImprovMx. It’s a great way to use many domains to a single email and supports. Their support is A+ and the service is super affordable.

We do one thing, and we do it really well

Join the league of over 100,000 satisfied users and take your email forwarding experience up a notch. With our deep experience and laser focus in email forwarding, superior features, assured email delivery and stellar support, your peace of mind is guaranteed. We’re also firmly committed to privacy and GDPR compliance.

Start forwarding emails for free

Instant forwarding. Unbeatable deliverability.

We don’t just claim it; we actually have live metrics to prove it.

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“If you’re looking for simple email forwarding, ImprovMX is the place to go. Simple, to the point, and does what it promises. I run all my 17 products with them.”

Disclaimer: This comparison between ImprovMX and Cloudflare Email Routing is accurate as of September 2023. We strive to keep this information updated, so you can make the best-informed decision. See anything not accurate? Let us know and we’ll update it

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