Are you here to stay?

We’re frequently asked about our future plans and the longevity of ImprovMX.

To put it simply: Yes, we’re here to stay.

Your concerns are valid. Migrating emails only to discover the service may close or fall into untrustworthy hands is a risk no one wants to take. We can assure you, this is not our story.

ImprovMX has been around since 2013, serving over 200,000 active users, and we’re not going anywhere. We have a significant backlog of innovative feature ideas that we’re eager to implement in the coming years. We’re always exploring ways to enhance our service, including advanced email sending features for marketers and automation tools for developers.

The sustainability of a service like ours often hinges on its growth. We’re proud to say ImprovMX has not only grown, but has reached a point of profitability and sustainability, with a growth curve that bolsters our future plans. We’re expanding our team, forming strategic partnerships with large companies, and are trusted by them, underscoring our stability.

Our independence is another strength. We’re 100% bootstrapped, steering clear of external investments or venture capital. This means our future won’t be influenced by outside decisions or pressures. We’re proud of this independence and are committed to preserving it.

So, in short, we’re more than just here to stay. We’re here to innovate, to grow, and to provide a reliable, trusted service to all our users for the long haul.