Are you selling my information?

No, absolutely not.

We take pride in ensuring that we offer a user-first service, and selling your information would go against that ideology.

We have a dedicated page explaining that we don’t read nor sell your emails, but one could think that we could be selling other data, like connections time and location, or global account information.

We. do. not.

We do not sell any information pertaining to our users, premium nor free.

We do use external third-party services, as per indicated on our Privacy Policy, but these services are used to improve the quality of ImprovMX and we pay these services for that A AMELIORER

Finally, whenever you need it, we comply with the GDPR law so you can easily request us to remove the data we have about you and we’ll proceed under 48 hours (business days).

You can also delete your account from within you dashboard and it will have the same effect as requesting the deletion of your data via GDPR.