New feature: Hybrid MX options now available

April 22nd, 2024

Remember when rigid email setups limited your options? ImprovMX is all about giving you the freedom to make your email work for you.

Our newest feature, hybrid MX options, lets you take full control of your email! Choose maximum security with Strict MX Verification, or easily set up failover scenarios and complex hybrid MX configurations – all with a few clicks.

The lowdown on Strict MX verification

Think of this feature as your email traffic cop. It makes sure only ImprovMX can handle your domain’s email. Super secure, but sometimes you need more wiggle room with those MX records.

That’s where the update comes in! Now you can easily disable Strict MX verification if you need to:

Important note: When Strict MX verification is off, you’re in charge of monitoring those MX records, so consider who has access to make changes!

Security, flexibility, or both? The power is yours.

Find your perfect setup

Ready to customize? The updated Strict MX verification setting is waiting in the Custom Settings page of your ImprovMX dashboard!

James Lee
James Lee is the Head of Product at ImprovMX, where he steers product strategy, development, and growth.