Boost team efficiency with free Google Workspace & ImprovMX

February 7th, 2024

Harness the power of Google Workspace for your team, offering a rich suite of collaboration tools at no cost for up to 100 users. The Essentials Starter edition includes tools like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Chat for effective collaboration and communication. However, it does not include Gmail, which means that you will need to seek alternative arrangements for your email needs.

To address the absence of Gmail in Google Workspace Essentials Starter and ensure your team maintains a professional email presence, ImprovMX steps in with its versatile email forwarding service. Our Free plan supports up to 25 email aliases, perfect for smaller teams or startups looking to streamline their email communications without any costs. For larger organizations or those in need of more comprehensive email solutions, our Premium plan offers up to 100 email aliases for just $9/month or $90/year, including access to our custom SMTP service for a seamless, branded email experience.

Whether you’re just starting out or scaling up, ImprovMX’s flexible plans are designed to complement the free Google Workspace Essential Starter edition, ensuring your team’s communication is as efficient and professional as its project collaboration.

Streamlining teamwork with strategic solutions

Google Workspace Essentials Starter offers key collaboration tools – including 15 GB of Google Drive storage, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Meet, and Google Chat – free of charge. These tools support effective content creation, storage, and real-time communication, including video meetings for up to 100 participants. This suite ensures teams can collaborate effectively across distances.

However, it’s important to highlight that Google Workspace Essentials Starter, while comprehensive, does not include an in-built email service like Gmail. This gap is seamlessly bridged by ImprovMX, which provides simple and powerful email forwarding services to maintain branded and professional email communications for the team.

Understanding ImprovMX email forwarding

ImprovMX stands out in this collaboration ecosystem for its simple yet powerful email forwarding functionality. It allows the forwarding of emails from a professional domain-based email address to any existing email provider, such as Gmail, Outlook, or iCloud Mail. This ensures that teams can use their preferred email services while centralizing communications under the organization’s domain, enhancing professionalism and cohesion.

ImprovMX email forwarding dashboard

The value proposition of ImprovMX integration

The integration with the free Google Workspace Essentials Starter edition not only addresses the lack of an email service but does so economically. With up to 100 or 25 email aliases available through ImprovMX’s Premium or Free plans respectively, organizations find a scalable, cost-effective solution for professional email and collaboration that complements Google Workspace’s user capacity perfectly.

For users of the ImprovMX Free plan, ImprovMX facilitates the use of Gmail SMTP for sending outgoing emails from your professional email address. While this feature leverages older Google functionality and could be discontinued, it also introduces a ‘via’ note to emails, which may affect the perception of professionalism.

The ImprovMX Premium plan circumvent these potential issues by offering a custom SMTP service. Opting for ImprovMX SMTP ensures that your outgoing emails retain a professional appearance without concerns over unexpected changes from Google or unprofessional email notations, enhancing your organization’s credibility and communication effectiveness.


Streamlined integration for optimal collaboration:

  1. Get started with ImprovMX for free:
    • Sign up for ImprovMX: Start a free ImprovMX account to unlock advanced email forwarding capabilities.
    • Select your plan: Choose between the Premium plan for up to 100 email aliases and ImprovMX SMTP service, or the Free plan for for up to 25 email aliases and the less professional Gmail SMTP.
    • Create aliases: Create an alias for each of your team member to forward emails from their professional work email address to any existing email provider.
  2. Get started Google Workspace for free:
    • Sign up for Google Workspace: Sign up for the free Google Workspace Essentials Starter to access its suite of collaboration tools for up to 100 users free of charge.
    • Integrate your team: Add your team members with their professional email addresses which you created in ImprovMX.

By implementing ImprovMX for your email communications and then integrating Google Workspace Essentials Starter, you establish a foundation for professional, efficient, and cost-effective team collaboration and communication.


The combination of Google Workspace Essentials Starter and ImprovMX offers an unparalleled, budget-friendly solution for enhancing team productivity and collaboration. With Google Workspace’s extensive suite of tools available for free to up to 100 users and ImprovMX’s flexible, affordable email forwarding plans, organizations can enjoy a seamless, professional communication system.

This strategic integration ensures that businesses and educational institutions can foster a cohesive, connected, and efficient working environment, propelling them to new heights of digital collaboration while maintaining strict budget control.

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James Lee
James Lee is the Head of Product at ImprovMX, where he steers product strategy, development, and growth.